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Swagger Offers Lightning Quick Connection To Your API

As APIs explode, one of the key metrics to successful API adoption is Time To First Hello World (TTFHW). And one way of getting that done is to providie API Documentation that helps developers get going quickly. But simply listing down your API methods and request/response formats is not going to cut it anymore. This is the age of interactive API documentation where developers can try out your API by exercising the methods and various parameters from right within your Developer Portal.

From Printing Press to API: Book Publishers' Revolutionary Tools

Before 1500, monks spent their lives copying the Bible by hand. That method was replaced by printing presses for the next 500 years. Today, ebooks are set to end the practice of pulping trees and smearing them with ink. In all this change the direction of information access has been constant for half a millennium: faster and faster, easier and easier. The next revolution for publishers is APIs for books.

Early Winners and Losers of the Platform Wars

A long time ago in Internet years, in a galaxy not so far away, a handful of tech titans in Silicon Valley and Seattle began building business platforms and battling for supremacy. The mobile device and app revolution hadn't yet begun. Terms like "social networking" and "wisdom of crowds" were going “viral". Web services and APIs were still emerging. The Google IPO of late 2004 had effectively slammed shut the Web 1.0 dotbomb era, paving the way for the amazing evolution of Web 2.0 services in 2005 that hit the mainstream in 2006.

With Huge Mobile Adoption, Wordnik API Goes Beta

Wordnik, which aims to be the most comprehensive online dictionary, has been hard at work for over a year with a clear focus on scaling its architecture and listening to developer feedback. The result is significant updates to the Wordnik API and a new developer portal to increase adoption of its API.

Wordnik API Could Usher in a Stream of Word Games

If you are into developing word games and have been scouting around for both a word database and an API to go with to make things easier, Wordnik may just have delivered the solution for you. The online dictionary's latest version of its Wordnik API is squarely targeting word game developers by giving them additional methods that will help them find words with a great degree of control.

Like Words? You'll Love These 2 APIs

Desktop word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, features powerful spelling and grammar tools that help writers catch mistakes. Thanks to standards-based web services, online word processing tools are starting to catch up to the desktop competition. Two APIs, Wordnik and After the Deadline, give developers powerful new tools to aid writers with spelling, context, and grammar.