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Four Ways Developers Can Use Google Fusion Tables

A little over a year ago, Google released a new product called Google Fusion Tables. Fusion Tables allows you to upload, merge, share, and visualize large tables of tabular data. Basically, we wanted to answer the question “I have a spreadsheet. I want to share it with people and create a map/bar chart/storyline/other visualization.” Google Spreadsheets, while powerful, couldn’t handle the 100 meg upload we allow for Fusion Tables. And, being Google, we also provided something for developers.

Google Releases Fusion Tables API for Visualizing and Sharing Data

Google has released a new API for Fusion Tables, a Google Labs app that allows users to import, integrate, analyze, and visualize data in a variety of ways. The new API allows developers to programmatically perform a variety of tasks, including data import and export (more at our Google Fusion Tables API Profile). The API itself is integrated with several other Google APIs, including the Google Maps API and the Google Visualization API. In fact, developers can also leverage App Engine to easily develop data processing and analysis apps that easily integrate with various other Google APIs.