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Top Three API Trial Methods API University

Walk through any shopping mall food court and you’re bound to be offered a free sample from at least one of the restaurants. The taster is such a staple of mall marketing for one simple reason: it just plain works. This tactic has been borrowed with success by software-as-a-service (and even downloadable software) companies and as such is also common with API Products.

Methods of Pricing an "API as Product" API University

Along with the growth of APIs in general has come the emergence of the API as a product. Many times a new startup is entirely an API. When the entire company is an API, you'd better choose the right API business model. When the API is the product, or the whole business, many times this means charging developers to use your API. It turns out, it's not just about how much you charge them, but how. This post will look at the many different ways that API-as-product companies are getting developers to pay for access.

Twilio Kaizen: New Signup Process Aims at Developer Experience

We already use Twilio as an example of documentation done right, but the company thought it could do better. The company now provides a unique telephone number for every new signup to use immediately with the Twilio Voice API and Twilio SMS API. Previously there was a single shared number that required a pin. Now Twilio is showing off one of its core features immediately and making it much simpler to get started.

Twilio SMS Goes International: 150 Countries

Twilio, one of the most popular APIs in our directory, has launched a new global SMS capability that allows developers to send a SMS globally. The service allows a developer to use the same Twilio SMS API to reach out to billions of people across 150 countries, integrates seamless with over 1,000 carriers and supports multiple languages.

What Kinds of APIs Do Developers Most Love?

Having a directory with over 5,000 APIs and 6,000 mashups gives us some insight into what developers are interested in building and what their go to tools are. Today we're taking a look at the most common categories of APIs as used in our mashup directory. It's no surprise to see mapping claim the top spot with more than double the number of APIs used compared to the second most popular category, social. Below is a list of the top 10 API categories along with the most popular APIs within each.

Twilio Adds Volume Pricing for SMS

Telephony-as-a-service company Twilio (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) is set to announce new volume pricing for heavy users of its Twilio SMS API. The company had previously dropped the price for SMS twice, but did not yet have published volume pricing. Those using over 500,000 SMS messages a month will now pay a fraction of a penny per SMS.

Crossing the Pond: Twilio Expands to UK, Eyes Europe

Next gen telecommunications company Twilio is taking its first step into Europe. The company chose London as its landing site and will begin selling phone numbers in 50 of the most populous area codes in the UK immediately. Application developers can now use the Twilio API to build innovative applications for the London market while enabling the first Twilio to Twilio international calling capabilities. Along with the UK, Twilio is testing its service in a handful of other European countries.

How One Dev Uses SMS to Open and Close His Garage

Most mashups try to solve a complex problem in an innovative way, and therefore save us all time. However, sometimes a mashup solves a very simple problem in an interesting way. Either way, I love to see innovative new uses of APIs like this one from Brian Beermann, which controls his garage door using the Twilio SMS API, some hardware and a lot of creativity.