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Heroku Announces Support for the New PHP

Today, Heroku makes a huge announcement around its support for PHP. PHP is currently one of the most popular languages driving the web. Although PHP drives the likes of some of the webs giants (e.g. Facebook, Etsy, etc.), PHP has traditionally lacked some qualities (e.g. runtime, management, infrastructure elements) that peers like Ruby on Rails, Python with Django, and Node have delivered for quite some time. On April 30, at Facebook's F8, a new PHP is announced with full Heroku support. On the evening of the announcement, ProgrammableWeb caught up with Heroku's Adam Gross.

Heroku Adds OAuth 2.0 Support to Platform API

A few months ago, ProgrammableWeb announced the release of Heroku’s Platform API, which allowed developers to integrate the Heroku platform with third party applications and services. Now, Heroku has launched a public beta for OAuth 2.0 support for the Platform API. OAuth 2.0 support allows developers to control service needs as opposed to offering full service access to all user accounts.

Heroku CEO Byron Sebastian on API Strategy and Design

Heroku is at the end of its first full year as part of During that year, the number of applications running on the platform has grown eight fold to over 800,000. Byron Sebastian, Heroku's CEO, said that much of this growth has come from an increasing presence of enterprise customers, many of whom are new to the API-driven Platform-as-a-Service offering that Heroku offers.

Click-to-Cloud: Facebook Helps Heroku Add a Half Million Apps in 2011

After Facebook announced that apps can be deployed to Heroku, the cloud platform saw tremendous growth. It's on pace to add five times as many applications in 2011 as it had last year, likely fueled by being the only cloud service supported from within Facebook. The two companies introduced a new concept in developer relations, the "click-to-cloud" sample app.

Facebook Apps in the Cloud Made Easy by Heroku Partnership

Facebook is partnering with cloud hosting service Heroku to make Facebook application deployment more plug-and-play. The new service likely uses the Heroku API to allow developers to instantly have a basic Facebook app running in minutes instead of hours or days. Facebook's app wizard lets you choose from Heroku's supported languages, then pre-populates an app with working examples of common tasks using the Facebook API.