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Box Releases Advanced Search API

To ensure that businesses can efficiently find the documents they need when they need them, cloud storage and sharing service Box recently unveiled a new advanced search API which gives customers and partners the ability to build applications with robust search capabilities.

Dropbox to Host its First Developer Conference: DBX

Dropbox has announced its first developer conference: DBX. On July 9th, Dropbox will host an invited group of developers and designers to San Francisco to share ideas with developer brethren and learn about what's coming from Drobox. Although attendees must be invited, tickets are $350 and those interested can request an invitation.

Dropbox Launches Dropbox Chooser and Receives Immediate Results

Dropbox recently announced the launch of Dropbox Chooser. Dropbox Chooser simplifies Dropbox integration beyond the already popular Drobox API. Instead of integrating Dropbox files with a file browser or upload, Dropbox Chooser creates a small JavaScript component that developers can embed in apps that automatically publishes or attaches documents.  For the non-developer crowd looking to integrate Dropbox into apps and websites, the Dropbox Chooser button simplifies integration to the fullest extent.

Cloud Storage APIs for the next generation Enterprise

As the world shifts to computing on the cloud , or what my non tech friends call, lots of servers connected to the internet, APIs become increasingly the lingua franca or working language to communicate to and fro from these clouds. Storage in the cloud has been of the earliest use cases and one which has increasingly made sense to create secure backups at a much cheaper rate.