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Echo Nest + Rdio = Remember Pandora?

Something awesome is happening in the world of music and the web. But first, some primer. Rdio is one of the few music subscription services that do a tremendous amount of things right, including having its robust Rdio API. For $5 a month, you can get all of the music you want, have collaborative playlists, share content to Facebook and Twitter, and keep up with what your friends are listening to. For $10, you can do all that and store the music to your phone for offline or higher quality enjoyment.

Rdio API: Full Streaming Music Plus Affiliate Program

I love Rdio. All the music I want to hear (that happens to be available in their library) for $10 a month. It gets better. I can download the songs to the mobile Rdio apps for offline listening. Even better still, there's an Rdio API and it's pretty rich, as described by Rdio's Ian McKellar in the video below.