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Perfect Trip DevCon Opens Access to $250 Billion Market

A developer conference and associated awards package aims to create a developer community around business travel – a market worth over $250 billion each year. The Perfect Trip DevCon is the brainchild of Concur, a travel and expense automation service, built on a range of web and software as a service technologies and making use of a wide variety of financial and travel APIs (and accessible via the Concur API).

Free Text Travel Searching Gets More Accurate with Eva

Eva, the Expert Virtual agent from Evature, is a natural language processing search utility that is open and available for incorporation in any travel website. It offers a natural language processing engine through its Evature Travel Search API, which is tuned to identify common travel parameters such as number of travelers, place names and locations, and fuzzy date ranges. Travel websites can then use these parsed information bits to search their system for matching flights, hotels, or travel packages.