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Best New Mashups: The Latest Rotten Tomatoes Mashups Rotten Tomatoes

Growing up, summertime always meant movies. While this summer has seen a spectacular run of flops, there are still good movies to watch in the theaters not to mention the choices avilable through streaming or on demand. Rotten Tomatoes has always been a handy option for finding out the latest news and reviews on movies. This week we'll take a look recent mashups that all make use of the Rotten Tomatoes API. Read below for more details.

Facebook Partners: At Least 15 Have APIs eBayFacebook

When Facebook announced its timeline partners yesterday, there were many familiar names on the list. Some were especially familiar to us because, in addition to now adding their "actions" to Facebook, they also provide APIs to access data created by their users.

Best New Mashups: Movies YouTubeNetflix

As the year comes to a close and holiday season looms, many of us look forward to taking a few days off to take a break from all of our hard work and relax. What better way to unwind this holiday season than by catching up on all of the movies you missed this year? You're in luck as we've gotten many great mashups this year that let you watch movies and trailers, browse your Netflix queue (you do still subscribe to Netflix right?) and share with your friends. Popular APIs for these mashups include Rotten Tomatoes, YouTube and Netflix. So without further ado, kick off your shoes, grab some popcorn and give these movie mashups a try.