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Accelerator Nike+ FuelBand API: 10 Companies Up and Running

As we reported in January, the Nike Accelerator program was launched to encourage tech companies to develop apps for the Nike+ platform and Nike FuelBand. Techdigest's Gerald Lynch reports that of the hundreds who were looking to get in, just 10 companies made it to the finish line. Each of the companies will get $20,000 plus a three-month stay in Portland, Oregon, near Nike's headquarters, to work alongside Nike tech staff.

API Spotlight: In2era, MagPlus, and the Nike API

Of the many APIs we published last week, eleven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eleven, which included the in2era API. in2era is a web service for selling ebooks through online distributor. The in2era API allows developers to manage subscriptions to educational content, logo branding functionality, and the ability to handle transactions in the desired language and currency of choice.  Online distributors take a small fee. To learn more about the in2era API visit the in2era site as well as the in2era API blog post.