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API Spotlight: Tax Dollar Tracking, RealizeIt, and A Platform for Talent to Meet Opportunity.

Of the many API’s we published this week, twelve were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we will launch those 12 into the spotlight, which include the Muvi API for accessing information on movies and celebrities. On top of this accessible knowledge, Muvi users can interact with other users with similar intrests and feel safe with the API’s secure encryption. To learn more about the Muvi API visit the Muvi site and read the Muvi API blog post

GymPact Jogs with Health Graph API for RunKeeper Features

GymPact, the startup that pays members to achieve their workout goals, announced integration with RunKeeper via the Health Graph API. GymPact users can now expand their qualifying workouts beyond the gym. GymPact co-founder, Yifan Zhang, "Ever since we launched, [GymPact] users have asked to count outdoor activities (runs, walks, bike rides) toward their Pact." The integration with Health Graph answers the users' demand as it pulls "RunKeeper GPS-tracked activities from the API so that [GymPact] can automatically count them toward GymPacter’s Pacts."

RunKeeper Sprints Away to Success With More Apps and Devices

RunKeeper is on its way to becoming the data platform for health applications. Last August, they announced the RunKeeper Health Graph with an API to boot, which makes it possible to build a digital map of an individual’s personal health. The platform has enabled various applications and health device manufacturers to start populating their user data directly into the RunKeeper Health Platform. The platform has met with much success with the application directory growing to more than 40 apps and devices and a new Fitness Reports Dashboard.

Facebook Partners: At Least 15 Have APIs

When Facebook announced its timeline partners yesterday, there were many familiar names on the list. Some were especially familiar to us because, in addition to now adding their "actions" to Facebook, they also provide APIs to access data created by their users.

A Healthier, More Connected World with RunKeeper Health Graph API

RunKeeper, a maker of health and fitness tracking software, has made its Health Graph API available to the public after a closed beta with a small group of developers.  The new API provides access to RunKeeper Health Graph -- a system of individual health connections that create digital map of an individual's personal health.  The Health Graph provides a record of the evolution of an individual's health, including a snapshot of their current physical condition, how this has evolved over time, and how social interactions may have influenced activities and behaviors.