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4,000 Web APIs: What's Hot and What's Next?

Today we're marking another milestone in our API directory: we now list 4,000 of them. It's only been six months since we toasted the 3,000th. And, as we've said before, the site ended its first year, 2005, listing only 105 APIs. The whole web as a platform has come a long way and done so very quickly. There are some areas, such as social, which are incredibly popular. There's also a lot of room for expansion, as industries like travel and retail have yet to fully embrace APIs. How soon will we mark the 5,000th?

Commerce APIs: is Accepting Payments the Next Wave?

There's always been a little annoyance on the end of affiliate APIs, those that pay developers money for referring buyers. In exchange for a potential sale, developers have to send their users to the company's site to complete the transaction. In the future, many of those purchasers will be able to remain using the developer's application for the length of the sale. We're a step closer to that future with a new release from API management company Mashery (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor). Mashery customers can now process transactions through their APIs, which means the potential for applications with lower barriers between a customer and a sale. And yes, that little annoyance at the end of affiliate APIs could be going away.