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For some reason food always tastes better on a warm summer night, surrounded by good company, and with relaxing music in the background. With an ever-recovering economy and slowly decreasing unemployment rate, there is no better time to grab a bite to eat with those who matter most. has always provided customers with the means to find good food, scour menus for the item that will please their taste buds, and finally place a delivery order to their location.  This week we’ll take a look at recent mashups that all make use of the API.

API Spotlight: A WheelChair accessibility API, A Mobile Wallet API and A Restaurant services API MogreetLemon

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll launch those ten into the spotlight, which included the Sloan Digital Sky Survey API. The SDSS has captured images covering more than a quarter of the sky, containing more than 930,000 galaxies and 120,000 quasars. The API allows developers to do a cone search, retrieving whatever is available for a given position in the sky and a given radius about that position. Touts API at Hackfood the Hackathon founder and CEO, David Bloom, marks as the "Twilio for food." If that description fails to provide clarity, builds order and menu management tools for restaurants. Its API and enhanced toolkit (Hackfood) was announced and tested at Hackfood the Hackathon last week.

"Reinventing Local" Hackathon Produces 27 New Apps MeetupConstantContact

I generally cover shopping related APIs, but recently hackathon events have piqued my interest. This past weekend I attended a two-day hackathon called “Reinventing Local”. This event was hosted at General Assembly, a local co-working space for startups in NYC, and well-known in the entrepreneur community. The theme was geared toward local businesses and was presented by American Express OPEN Forum, which I feel necessary to mention now has an API of their own allowing instant access to small business content. The event was sponsored by Mashery (also a ProgrammableWeb sponsor), ConstantContact and Meetup.