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StackMob Plays Matchmaker with New Services Partner Program

Developer skills continue to be in short supply. This is increasing the demand amongst enterprise API providers to source developer teams that can build proprietary mobile apps for them. Businesses that have a commercial app idea - but not the technical skills - are also constantly looking for start date ready development companies to build their products for them. Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) platform StackMob is hoping their Service Partner Program will be the matchmaker between business clients and development agencies. Vice President of Business Development at StackMob, Kumi Walker, spoke to ProgrammableWeb about the referral marketplace.

Mobile Backend Starts With Customers, Opens API for All

For mobile developers looking to launch a full-featured app fast, a mobile backend provider makes sense. Newly wide open Moblico is hardly new to the task. The company has been serving up the mobile backend of big companies since 2009. Now any developer can get started with the Moblico API to launch apps, with access to the features built explicitly for customer requests. Users, location and deals are among the areas covered by the new APIs.