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MapBox Wins $575,000 Grant Funding For OpenStreetMap

MapBox, builder of open source tools for map creation, has just won more than half a million dollars to focus it's development efforts on the OpenStreetMap project.  This is a big win for the mapping community because this grant will further the development of the community at OpenStreetMap as well as strengthen the open source toolset that the MapBox team has been creating.  This funding might also serve as a confidence boost for MapBox API consumers.

3 Ways to Style Maps

It used to be you could change anything layered on top of a map, but you couldn't change the underlying map itself. Now you have several options for changing the color palette and the visibility of different objects that make up your base map. The options vary on the amount you can customize and how much work is required. But all three of these APIs can have you map scripting with style.