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Novartis Challenge Shows There Are Still Entry Points into Mobile Health Market

With winners announced and organizers now regrouping to analyze the next stages, the Novartis mHealth Challenge - held last weekend in San Francisco and giving away over $40,000 in prize money - has demonstrated that for developers looking to aggregate APIs together into a health-focused, consumer-facing end-product, there is still plenty of room to enter the growing market. ProgrammableWeb spoke to Cheryl Cheng, one of the organizers of the hackathon and winners from to see what other API developers can learn from the outcomes.

Micello: Maps for the Great Indoors

Micello is living my dream.  This company is specializing in providing a navigation system for indoor environments.  Indoor environments can be unpredictable and complex spaces.  In other words they are the ideal scenario for maps.  Micello has seen this opportunity and seized it by establishing a fast growing collection of indoor maps.  The map collection is open for integration through both an embeddable HTML 5 element and RESTful calls to the Micello API.