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Pinterest Users Getting Hacked For Second Time In Two Weeks

As Pinterest endures its second attack in as many weeks, Twitter is subsequently auto-flooded with fake weight-loss posts that are designed to lure followers into a trap that could expose personal information and account credentials. For its part, Pinterest's lack of transparency regarding the matter stands in contrast to industry standard best practices for such breaches.

Pinterest Says Not Yet To API Developers

Pinterest continues to remain one of the most looked up APIs in our diretory. Except that it is not yet released, which makes it all the more intriguing. The Pinterest service provides "virtual pinning" which enables users to collect ideas, recipes, inspiration or anything that can be found in a photo on a web page. Developers have been seeking out availability of Pinterest API since early 2012 but till date there has been no official API.

Best New Mashups: Pinterest Mashups

The ever elusive Pinterest API made news once again this week when its documentation briefly appeared on the Pinterest developer site. Here at ProgrammableWeb, the Pinterest API profile is our most viewed page showing that developers are itching for more information. While the official API hasn't been released, we've still seen a number of mashups that take advantage of Pinterest's functionality. Below we highlight a few of them.

Hey Pinterest, When Will a Public API be Available?

Last week I read an article written by Kin Lane's Lack of Pinterest API is a Lack of API Business Strategy. The article points out that Pinterest has been developing a public API since May 2011. Though there once was API documentation for Pinterest, the company has yet to officially make the Pinterest API available to the public.

Pinterest, More Apple Than Google?

Why did Pinterest remove its API documentation earlier this year? Well, apparently there is no rush to release an already developed API to the public yet. In fact, it may not be released for a while as Pinterest wants to avoid re-tweeting the #mistakes Twitter made in its infancy.

What Kinds of APIs Do Developers Most Love?

Having a directory with over 5,000 APIs and 6,000 mashups gives us some insight into what developers are interested in building and what their go to tools are. Today we're taking a look at the most common categories of APIs as used in our mashup directory. It's no surprise to see mapping claim the top spot with more than double the number of APIs used compared to the second most popular category, social. Below is a list of the top 10 API categories along with the most popular APIs within each.