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New Google Drive API Eases Integration in Android Apps

As an Android Developer, you know that allowing your application users to store data in the cloud and use it across various devices is important. Storing user data in Google Drive has been one of the options available and with the release of a Drive API preview in the latest release of Google Play Services, the task has not only been made easier but with auto sync in the background and new Android UI components that provide a much tighter integration, you get a lot of powerful features too.

Cloud Storage APIs for the next generation Enterprise

As the world shifts to computing on the cloud , or what my non tech friends call, lots of servers connected to the internet, APIs become increasingly the lingua franca or working language to communicate to and fro from these clouds. Storage in the cloud has been of the earliest use cases and one which has increasingly made sense to create secure backups at a much cheaper rate.

Google Introduces JavaScript Support for the Drive API

Recently Google announced the addition of installation scope to the Google Drive SDK and that the Documents List API would be retired in about one year. To further encourage developers in creating Google Drive applications, Google has introduced JavaScript support for the Drive API.

Google Drive API: It's Kind of a Big Deal

Last week's launch of Google Drive, a cloud-based platform offering 5GB of free storage, may have been big news, but perhaps bigger was the simultaneous launch of an associated Drive API and several Drive-enabled apps in the Chrome Web Store. The move implies that Drive is not just another Google product, but a step toward creating a larger ecosystem of online apps backed by Google services.