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API Spotlight: Tax Dollar Tracking, RealizeIt, and A Platform for Talent to Meet Opportunity.

Of the many API’s we published this week, twelve were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we will launch those 12 into the spotlight, which include the Muvi API for accessing information on movies and celebrities. On top of this accessible knowledge, Muvi users can interact with other users with similar intrests and feel safe with the API’s secure encryption. To learn more about the Muvi API visit the Muvi site and read the Muvi API blog post

Behance API Gives Talent An International Platform

Behance provides an inspired environment for talent to meet opportunity. It's an online creative network where creative professionals showcase their work and companies discover and access that talent internationally. The idea was to build a platform that would give disorganized creatives the ability to bring their ideas to life and gain the exposure they deserve; giving them the time to focus on the creative process and not the maintenance or promotion of it. The Behance platform is accessible through the Behance API.