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PubNub Moves Into Connected Car Market

Real-time network PubNub has solidified its move into the connected car market with a winning app designed for Ford. Announced at last week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the winning integration by PubNub took Ford's dashboard API and created a real-time dispatch app. ProgrammableWeb spoke with both PubNub and Ford about how developers are partnering with car manufacturers to build out the connected car ecosystem.

Automobile: The Next Major Technology Platform - Part I - Connected Vehicle Developer Programs and Standards Groups

The "Car as a Platform" wars have been heating up for some time now and ProgrammableWeb has published several posts on the topic, including: "Car as a Platform Wars: GM Joins Ford" by Adam DuVander, "Ford Launches Program That Provides Developers Ability to Create Vehicle-Controlled, Voice-Activated Smartphone Apps" by Janet Wagner, and "Have You Driven a Ford API Lately? Round Up on the Connected Car" by Greg Bates.

Ford Asks Developers To Create Apps That Promote Fuel Efficiency

The need to reduce your carbon footprint is more important that ever before. One of the key areas targeted to help reduce that is to not just ask car drivers to create fuel-efficient cars but also instill a driving discipline that can help drivers save fuel. Ford Motor Company aims to do just that via its Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge, a contest that invites developers to create mobile applications to help customers optimize their "personal" fuel-economy performance.

Skobbler Tiles API: Putting Your Coding Street Smarts to Work

Skobbler uses the free editable OpenStreetMap to create apps such as GPS Navigation 2, and ForeverMap that provides maps offline that work when you can't be online. The company has  just released the Skobbler tiles API. Compatible with popular frameworks like Leaflet, OpenLayers and Google Maps API v3, its API allows you access to its tile server and to embed maps in your applications.