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Two Video APIs from that Giant Search Engine that Starts with G...

Quick: name that huge search engine you use a lot that starts with G but isn't...Google. (Hint: it's a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony.) Right. It's Gracenote, the folks who help you identify all those tracks in your music library. Okay, it's not exactly a search engine in the conventional sense. But it does have 130 million tracks and TV listings across 28 countries. And it handles 15 billion queries a month. We've covered Gracenote's earlier APIs in a previous column.

API Spotlight: Wowzer, TidyClub, and WhatLanguage APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, eight were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those nine, which include the Wowzer API. Wowzer, a provider of video screening/nterviewing, announced its Wowzer API. The Wowzer API allows developers to integrate the Wowzer features into their existing hiring process. As with many business practices, efficiency is very important, which is why Wowzer believes its video screening reduces screening time by 75% compared to phone screening.

Gracenote Launches Developer Program and Opens API to Spark Music Industry Innovation

Gracenote "touches hundreds of millions of music fans and TV viewers everyday. The Gracenote database is the largest source of music and video metadata on the planet, featuring descriptions of more than 130 million tracks and TV listings for 28 countries." Recently, Gracenote launched a developer program that opened its Gracenote API to the developer community. The API delivers Gracenote's rich music metadata to any connected app.