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API Spotlight: O*net, Refill, and the ParkMe API

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the ParkMe API. ParkMe utilizes heat mapping to help users find empty parking spots in busy cities. For cold/blue heat signatures mean less activity where as red/hot means more activity. Depending on the area, these colors could mean open or taken spots. The ParkMe API simply allows developers to integrate the ParkMe functionality with their applications.

On the Job with the o*net API: US Department of Labor Exports Career Data

Are you at a career crossroads? Or are you a developer trying to help those who are and those who needs data on the world of work? According to the US Department of Labor's o*net, their resource center is " the nation's primary source of occupational information." The site can be used to download the O*NET database, career exploration tools, job analysis questionnaires, employer guides, and technical reports."The o*net API makes their data available for use in your apps.