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Hail That API: Click A Taxi Brings a Global Fleet to Your App

The Click a Taxi API integrates the company's ability to call a taxi in any of 5,000 cities in 50 countries. Surely one of the 300,000 taxis that partner with Click A Taxi will be available...In addition to the API, the company offers apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platform. By accessing your device's GPS, it can suggest a meeting place or take one from you and reserve a taxi with one of their local partnering taxi companies.  Here's what the API methods support. In addition to  using location information, it will suggest a taxi company based on availability and vehicle capacity, and complete the booking. Results are wrapped in a JSON callback function.

API Spotlight: LairOut, Chrometa and Moblico APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, eleven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eleven, which include the LairOut API. LairOut, in a nutshell, is a web-based event location directory that provides users with information on events happening around their location. All users have to do is enter in a location and date and the site will generate events taking place around that location at or near that date. The API simply makes this functionality available to developers via API calls.

Every second counts: Keep track of billable time with Chrometa's API

The billable time reflected on an invoice and the actual time spent on that project are often quite different. The odd phone call here and there, the sending of emails back and forth, little amendments to work all adds up to valuable working hours that often go un-accounted for. Chrometa is a service that offers automated task and time tracking with the aim of eliminating this very problem. The service also provides an the Chrometa API that enables this data to be integrated with other applications.