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API Spotlight: TaxCloud, Stupeflix and You-Tracker APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, seven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those seven, which included the TaxCloud.js API.  Put simply, TaxCloud automates sales tax returns for small businesses. Through the use of the API, developers receive the functionality with zero impact on their existing cart system and no new data elements. None of these data elements are ever stored to respect customer privacy. Currently TaxCloud works with 29 states accurately calculating the tax through origin, destination, and class of goods.

Threat Stream API Offers Security Through Real-Time Access to Actionable Intelligence

Threat Stream, SaaS-based cyber threat intelligence platform, offers its real-time stream of actionable intelligence to developers through the Threat Stream API. Threat Stream's big data security driven analytics creates an actionable, context rich stream of intelligence that meets the needs of government and enterprise security operations. Machine learning and sophisticated algorithms reduce false-positives and give users world class security capabilities.