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COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Are Coming — Should You Trust Them?

The EU released guidance for the development and management of COVID-19 contact tracing applications. The guidance outlines standards for national applications that require they be voluntary, approved by the national health authority, easily dismantled when no longer needed, and privacy-preserving.

How to Protect Your App From Rogue SDKs

A number of recent events has shown just how important it is for developers to guard against rogue SDKs in their mobile apps. In this article Alan Bavosa discusses the ways in which rogue SDKs can affect an app and the steps developers can take to protect their apps against them.

What is a HIPAA Compliant Fax API?

You’ve been tasked with utilizing a HIPAA compliant fax API for your company or client. You understand what fax is, but how do you make it HIPAA compliant? If you Google search HIPAA compliance you will see things like needing a BAA, cover pages, disclaimers, and massive fines for HIPAA violations.