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Create APIs With These Simple Services

Developers have consumed APIs as a matter of practice for some time now. It's second nature. But the flip side--creating an API--is not performed with the same regularity. To some extent, this is changing as more developers become both consumers and providers of APIs. Below you'll find some tools and services that make the process of creating an API much simpler.

Web Services Can't Solve Every Problem - The Need For a More Human Touch

We have all been there many times, trying to resolve complicated and important issues in an automated world only to be met with a frustrating series of dead ends. This is funny coming from the Director of Sales for a popular Web Service that does just that, solves important brand protection problems for our clients utilizing our profanity filter and image and video moderation services. But, with these new leaps and bounds in technology, we still require the old fashioned human touch.

Simplifying the Deployment of Hadoop Applications

While there’s generally a lot of excitement these days for all things Hadoop the simple fact is that there’s not a whole lot of expertise out there in terms of IT people that know how to build, roll out and then manage an instance of Hadoop. That creates a frustrating conundrum for developers looking to build Big Data applications on top of Hadoop at a time when interest in those applications is staring to reach a frenzy in the enterprise.

Put In Your Two Cents' Worth: Opinionage API

We all have strong opinions on issues that are close to our hearts, but for the most part, they remain just our opinions and often never create the change we may long to see. In particular, it's the decisions that will have a real impact on our everyday lives that are left in the hands of the big decision makers like politicians, administrators or managers; but what if there was a way for the general public to get their voices heard? That's where Opinionage comes in; an online service that enables users to share and compare opinions socially with the potential to make a big enough stir to catch the attention of those in power.