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Why Do You Need to Learn Javascript?

Although JavaScript is not one of the hot and trendy programing languages, it’s one of the most widely used “granddaddy” technologies of the Internet. This article takes a look at why JavaScript dominates the modern internet and why the future of the language looks to be bright.

Lighter Capital Puts Up $15M to Ignite Developer Interest in Intuit's QuickBooks Platform Intuit QuickBooks Online AccountingIntuit Customer Account Data

In partnership with Intuit, the provider of the very popular QuickBooks Online SaaS app, Lighter Capital has established a $15M investment fund in order to make additional financial resources available to 3rd party developers who are part of Intuit's growing developer network.

Google Changes APIs In Latest Play Services SDK

Google has rolled out Google Play Services SDK 11.6.0, which introduces major changes to how the APIs are structured. The company is deprecating one API while decoupling another. The idea is to reduce the amount of boilerplate code needed to use the APIs -- something everyone can be happy about.