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Putting Together a Travel Package? Relax and Let the iZento API Do It for You

If you are a travel agent, you can spend a lot of time putting together a spiffy looking travel package for a customer or you can do it in under a minute with an API. iZento announced an API this week that takes travel booking data and transforms it into a professional itinerary complete with travel documents that travel agents can proudly hand over to their traveling customers.

Cloudfier API Grants Access to Business Web App Functionality

Business applications created on the Cloudfier platform inherently contain an API that grants full access to app functionality through the Cloudfier API. Cloudfier allows users to define a business centric solution with Cloudfier’s business programming language. After the solution is defined, the platform automatically creates a web application. Cloudfier was built on Elipse Orion and aims to move towards a new type of development.

Chrome Getting Rid of Apps and Plug-ins Based on Popular NPAPI

Google Chrome is phasing out all plug-ins based on the Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) starting January. NPAPI has a long and rich history. Developed for Netscape 2 in the late 1990s, NPAPI went on to become a popular cross platform plug-in. It was used by many web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Konqueror and Google Chrome.

More Fitness Data Anyone? Salutron Launches LifeTrak API

Salutron, the maker of the LifeTrak activity tracker, is launching a public API, so that developers can now interact with LifeTrak data in their own apps. The LifeTrak API supports Android and iOS applications and all current and future LifeTrak activity trackers with Bluetooth. The data you get with the API includes heart rate, all day calorie burn, all day steps, distance, sleep and actigraphy (rest and activity cycles).

AT&T Pursues Telecom Industry API Opportunity, Launches Enterprise-Focused API Program

AT&T has announced the launch of a brand new enterprise-focused API program that allows enterprise customers and solution providers to use AT&T network APIs to create innovative new applications. AT&T has already launched a successful API program that provides developers access to nearly a dozen AT&T APIs including web services such as Call Management, In-App Messaging, Speech, SMS, and Location.