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Goo Technologies Partners with Mozilla to Showcase the Power of Web Audio API

Goo Technologies, leader in HTML5 high-end graphics for interactive visualizations, has collaborated with Mozilla to create an interactive graphics and music application that demonstrates the features of the latest Firefox release. The demo, Songs of Diridum, showcases the Web Audio API utilized in the latest Firefox release. Before the Web Audio API, a third party was needed to effectively add audio to web apps (i.e. plugins, Flash, etc.). Web Audio embeds audio processing, filtering, and other modern audio features directly into applications.

TM Forum Launches API Zone Featuring Suite of End-to-End Digital Services Management APIs

TM Forum, a global trade association that focuses on the digital economy, has just announced the launch of the TM Forum API Zone, featuring a suite of REST-based APIs designed to provide management functionality for end-to-end digital services. These new digital services management APIs were tested and integrated into a variety of apps at the 2013 TM Forum Digital Disruption Conference.

AgileAssets Launches Version 7 and Corresponding API

AgileAssets, leading provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions, has launched Version 7 of its software platform, which includes an API that makes key web services available to developers and other third parties. Version 7 adds over 73 new enhancements to the platform alongside the API. The API addition hopes to trigger developers to create custom applications to meet client requirements.

World Weather Online Launches Ski and Mountain API

World Weather Online, global weather forecast content provider, has added to its already impressive suite of weather APIs: World Weather Ski and Mountain API. World Weather Online content is already incorporated into many websites and apps. Its Ski and Mountain API is directly targeted at those needing ski-specific conditions information. Metrics such as chance of snow, snowfall, precipitation, wind speed, and other conditions specifically targeted at a viewer with plans to head for the slopes are readily available through the new API.

Apigee API Platform Now Supports Node.js Allowing Developers to Build Highly Customized APIs and Apps

Apigee, a leading API technology provider for enterprises and developers, has announced the integration of Node.js with the Apigee API Platform which allows developers to build highly customized APIs and Apps. The addition of Node.js support makes it possible for developers to deploy unmodified Node.js applications on the platform then add to those applications API management features such as OAuth security, API keys, traffic management, caching, rate-limiting, etc.

New Relic Previews Future of Software Analytics

New Relic wants to take the whole idea of application performance management (APM) up a few notches by leveraging an analytics engine that the company intends to expose via an API. At the New Relic FutureStack 2013 conference today New Relic previewed Project Rubicon, which leverages a Big Data analytics engine to give developers greater insight into all the factors that may be adversely affecting application performance.

Jacoti Inthear API Enables Hearing Loss Compensation Across Devices

Jacoti, state of the art hearing solutions provider, has released the Inthear hearing loss compensation module and a corresponding API. Inthear is a software library that applies hearing loss compensation to audio signals. The API is used by all Jacoti products to allow cross-platform use. Inthear has received one of the industry's first ISO and CE approvals for a software-based hearing aid. API Powers Fantasy Football Apps, NFL statistical data provider, offers the FantasyData NFL API. The API gives developers access to NFL data (e.g. team stats, live scores, season information, box scores, and more). The API targets web and mobile app owners who develop apps for the fantasy football market. Many of the most popular fantasy football apps have already integrated with FantasyData's APIs.

SnapLogic Delivers RESTful PaaS Environment for the Cloud

In an age of RESTful APIs SnapLogic is calling for a new integration playbooks that has been specifically designed for cloud computing environments. The company today unveiled a SnapLogic Integration Cloud that consists of over 160 pre-built connectors that leverage RESTful APIs in the cloud. As a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment capable of being deployed on a public or private clouds, Maneesh Joshi, director of product marketing for SnapLogic, says a new era of integration driven by APIs is making it cost effective for SnapLogic to pre-build connectors that can be now much more simply deployed on a multitenant version of the company’s Snaplex middleware platform.

How Unique are You? Roll the Dice through Statistical Me API

Statistical Me gives an online representation of how unique users are based on Australian government census data. The data, pulled from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), is also accessible through the Statistical Me API. The data upon which the statistics are pulled include gender, age, marital status, number of children, income, vehicles, rent/mortgage, and more. Users roll virtual dice until they uncover a profile that fits the user. Based on the results, users receive a graphical and numerical representation of their uniqueness as compared to fellow Aussies.

Backupify Developer Platform Now Open to SaaS Providers and Developers

Backupify, a leading backup provider for cloud application data, has announced that the company has opened the Backupify Developer Platform and API to SaaS application providers and developers. Earlier this year, ProgrammableWeb reported that Backupify had launched a private beta version of the program with five initial partners (Apptivo, Mavenlink, Nimble, Freshdesk, and Pipeline Deals).