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The ZeroPush API: A Robust iOS Push Notification Service

The ZeroPush API is an iOS push notification tool designed to deliver more robust service than other notification tools. The company promises fast set up with Apple, Server Libraries for quick server side integration, ZeroPush Cocoapod client side integration, and great documentation for its programmatic interface to iOS notification tools. ZeroPush joins 40 other notification APIs in our directory. API: Join the Mobile Web Browsing Revolution stands to reinvent mobile web browsing and prop it up as a potential contender against the ever growing mobile app market. works with any website, across any platform and offers a suite of features that makes a website more mobile friendly. Additionally, developers can tap into the API and add apps to the toolbar that extends functionality to the limits of the developer community's imagination.

New Kii Cloud Platform Release Adds Unity SDK support

Kii, a leading mBaaS provider has released new platform features that will help mobile developers build additional features and increase the reach of their applications. The new release introduces key features like Notifications and Geolocation support among others along with strong integration with Unity, a leading mobile game development platform.

Let Psychology Drive Customer Interaction: TipTap Lab API

TipTap Lab uses psychology to better understand existing and potential customers. The TipTap Lab API allows third party apps to take advantage of such psychology by building profiles for those that interact with the app and acting accordingly. Whether an app developer wants to personalize an online experience or pair up users with similar interests, the TipTap Lab API examines the abstract, subconscious layer of users to better and enable a developer to accomplish goals.

TaDaweb API Empowers Third Party Apps with "Small Data"

As "big data" continues to grow in popularity and intrigue, TaDaweb looks to unlock "the power of small data"; and, its TaDaweb API allows developers to tap into that power within third party applications. What does "small data" mean? To TaDaweb, "small data" means a collection of disparate data that exists across the public web that TaDaweb can bring together and provide some clarity.

Find and Watch Your Favorite TV Show or Movie with the Guidebox API

With so many TV shows and movies available online these days, it can be hard for viewers to find exactly what they are looking for. To make life easier for television watchers, Guidebox, a service that answers the question, “Where can I stream or purchase this?,” released a free API that lets developers integrate movie and TV episode search into websites and mobile apps.

KidoZen Announces Availability of Salesforce APIs as Part of KidoZen mBaaS Platform

Last month, ProgrammableWeb reported that KidoZen, a leading enterprise mobile middleware provider, had released the KidoZen Enterprise Systems APIs platform which allows developers to seamlessly integrate corporate and enterprise systems into mobile applications. KidoZen has just announced the availability of APIs as part of the KidoZen mBaaS platform which will now allow developers to integrate platform features into enterprise mobile applications.

The Stride API: Making Sales Tracking Easy with a Simple CRM

Need a CRM package that fits a small business requiring simplicity on a cost structure that makes sense? Stride could be it. The API documentation and the information on github points out this is a RESTful API, with JSON and XML responses. JSON is preferred. OAuth2 is used for authentication. The Stride API joins three other sales tracking APIs in our directory.

Streamline Accounting Processes with BeansBooks API

BeansBooks was created as a simple alternative to complex, proprietary accounting software packages. As part of the simplification process, BeansBooks launched an API that allows BeansBooks to integrate with third party applications and workflows that accounting needs to pull data from (e.g. e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, etc.). The BeansBooks API lets front-end systems speak directly to back-end systems without a manual task needed to reconcile differences between the two.

Minicloud: Democratizing the Web with Flexible Hosting Options

Minicloud solves a seemingly intractable conundrum: how do you get the advantages of dedicated hosting without the pricey service and the technical headaches? Minicloud provides unparalleled flexibility, not only in pricing but in a range of features. The Minicloud REST API allows users to modify and terminate those services through third party apps. It joins over 200 APIs focused on hosting in our API directory.

New Sony Camera Remote API Leaves Developers Wanting More

Sony has released a Camera Remote API that allows for the creation of apps to control a camera’s functions via smart phone or tablet. The API is in beta version, and currently works with just four Sony camera models, although another four models are expected to provide compatibility as early as the end of September. Sony is only offering technical support to the Camera Developer Program in the US and Japan for the time being. Sony's approach will be closely watched by other manufacturers looking to provide new Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity via APIs.