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The Stride API: Making Sales Tracking Easy with a Simple CRM

Need a CRM package that fits a small business requiring simplicity on a cost structure that makes sense? Stride could be it. The API documentation and the information on github points out this is a RESTful API, with JSON and XML responses. JSON is preferred. OAuth2 is used for authentication. The Stride API joins three other sales tracking APIs in our directory.

Streamline Accounting Processes with BeansBooks API

BeansBooks was created as a simple alternative to complex, proprietary accounting software packages. As part of the simplification process, BeansBooks launched an API that allows BeansBooks to integrate with third party applications and workflows that accounting needs to pull data from (e.g. e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, etc.). The BeansBooks API lets front-end systems speak directly to back-end systems without a manual task needed to reconcile differences between the two.

Minicloud: Democratizing the Web with Flexible Hosting Options

Minicloud solves a seemingly intractable conundrum: how do you get the advantages of dedicated hosting without the pricey service and the technical headaches? Minicloud provides unparalleled flexibility, not only in pricing but in a range of features. The Minicloud REST API allows users to modify and terminate those services through third party apps. It joins over 200 APIs focused on hosting in our API directory.

New Sony Camera Remote API Leaves Developers Wanting More

Sony has released a Camera Remote API that allows for the creation of apps to control a camera’s functions via smart phone or tablet. The API is in beta version, and currently works with just four Sony camera models, although another four models are expected to provide compatibility as early as the end of September. Sony is only offering technical support to the Camera Developer Program in the US and Japan for the time being. Sony's approach will be closely watched by other manufacturers looking to provide new Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity via APIs.

MailZ API Brings Automated Email Response to Third Party Apps

MailZ, transactional email delivery service, offers the MailZ API to enable systems and applications to incorporate email response features. MailZ features enable third party apps to deliver single-recipient emails after integration with the MailZ API. MailZ supports a wide range of content management systems and email platforms. In addition to automated email responses, MailZ delivers analysis and tracking tools for a more powerful email response system.

Invisiblehand API: The Price is Right

The Invisiblehand API brings this cleverly named browser add-on focused on finding the lowest price for something that the user is shopping for to a wider audience. Constantly updating prices on millions of products from books to air fares, Invisiblehand stands out for its ability to learn about new products it hasn't seen before. The documentation indicates this is a RESTful API with JSON responses.

DatumBox API Equips Third Party Apps with Machine Learning Capabilities

DatumBox provides a machine learning platform that specializes in natural language processing. The DatumBox API enables developers to integrate various DatumBox tools into third party applications, websites, or software. Through the API, developers can add any of the DatumBox features (e.g. text analysis, sentiment analysis, Twitter analysis, spam detection, and more).

The Persuasion API: Profiling Consumers for Individualized Sales Pitches

Science Rockstars aims to transcend simple recommendation engines and A/B testing techniques to create personal profiles of pitches that persuade individually. Their Persuasion API allows applications to compile profiles of each customer and what sways them. Then, based on the profile, communication can be altered in real time in ways that best suit the customer and increase the conversion rate. The documentation notes that it can be implemented either on the server or client side (the latter includes a Javasctipt library to facilitate the process).

Accessing Open Data via APIs: Never Mind the App, Is There a Market for That?

Exversion is hoping the need to access wide-ranging open datasets has matured enough to create a viable business as an open data marketplace. Their new Exversion API provides developers with a RESTful interface to search and access the open datasets stored on the Exversion data platform. At present, the API returns queries in JSON or XML format, with full XML support to be provided in the near future.

New Ticket to Ride Kindle Fire App Uses Amazon Mobile Associates API to Offer In-App Purchase of Physical Board Games

Last week, ProgrammableWeb reported that Amazon had launched the new Amazon Mobile Associates API (available as part of the Amazon Mobile App SDK) which allows physical and digital products sold by Amazon to be offered within apps and games that are distributed through Amazon and other Android stores. Days of Wonder, a popular board and online games publisher, has announced the release of a new Kindle Fire version of the popular cross-country train adventure game Ticket to Ride.