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Threat Stream API Offers Security Through Real-Time Access to Actionable Intelligence

Threat Stream, SaaS-based cyber threat intelligence platform, offers its real-time stream of actionable intelligence to developers through the Threat Stream API. Threat Stream's big data security driven analytics creates an actionable, context rich stream of intelligence that meets the needs of government and enterprise security operations. Machine learning and sophisticated algorithms reduce false-positives and give users world class security capabilities.

Mogreet Drops Pricing on SMS

Text and rich messaging company Mogreet dropped its pricing on SMS Wednesday, the company told ProgrammableWeb at API World. The company used to charge 1 cent for a text message, now it charges .75 cents for inbound or outbound messaging.

Social Money Launches Private Beta Version of CorePro API

Social Money, an online goal savings platform provider, has announced the launch of the private beta version of the CorePro API which allows companies to integrate savings accounts into online and mobile applications. The CorePro Platform is the first product that Social Money has developed that offers an open API and was built using elements of the company's SmartyPig platform.

Payvia Adds New Features To Bill-To-Carrier Mobile Payments Platform

When it comes to mobile payments, consumers are more likely to proceed to checkout when a transaction is smoother and doesn't require the inputting of lots of numbers. With that in mind, Payvia recently added two features to its bill-to-carrier mobile payments platform, available to merchants through an API. ProgrammableWeb spoke about those changes and more with company CTO Alek Zdziarski at API World.

Runnable Launches “YouTube of Code” Service

With developers already sourcing code snippets to cut and paste into their dev projects, Runnable has launched to provide a “YouTube of code” social network. Runnable have calculated there are over 200 million code searches each month, as developers look to stand on the shoulders of giants – or at least each other – when creating quick, workable solutions to include in their projects.

Yodlee Interactive Enhances API for Cross-Platform Apps and Increased Flexbility

Yodlee Interactive, financial data and transaction platform provider, has launched major enhancements to its API offering. Over 600 companies around the world already rely on Yodlee to fuel financial apps and services for millions of consumers. Yodlee Interactive’s API previously supported SOAP/XML and powered some of the most innovative financial apps around. However, an expanded support for REST, JSON, and HTML will enable simplified integration and cross-platform functionality.

Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Billing through the Pactas API

Pactas, recurring billing solution provider, offers the Pactas API that allows developers to include Pactas functionality within third party apps and websites. Any need for recurring billing (e.g. carsharing, music flatrates, cloud services, etc.) can be simplified and streamlined with the Pactas solution. Pactas enables users to manage subscriptions, track payments, and map pricing. Access to the platform can customize to each users' situation depending on need, resources, and integration opportunities.

Open Kit 1.0 Enables Truly Social Games

In just 10 months after OpenFeint, a social platform for mobile games on Android and iOS discontinued the service, Open Kit has released version 1.0 of its Open Source alternative for game developers. Developers can now make use of their back-end services to create social cross-platform gaming features across iOS and Android, with Unity™ plug-in support.

Putting Together a Travel Package? Relax and Let the iZento API Do It for You

If you are a travel agent, you can spend a lot of time putting together a spiffy looking travel package for a customer or you can do it in under a minute with an API. iZento announced an API this week that takes travel booking data and transforms it into a professional itinerary complete with travel documents that travel agents can proudly hand over to their traveling customers.

Cloudfier API Grants Access to Business Web App Functionality

Business applications created on the Cloudfier platform inherently contain an API that grants full access to app functionality through the Cloudfier API. Cloudfier allows users to define a business centric solution with Cloudfier’s business programming language. After the solution is defined, the platform automatically creates a web application. Cloudfier was built on Elipse Orion and aims to move towards a new type of development.