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Keen IO Helps Developers Solve Custom Analytics Needs

Keen IO is working to enable analytics easily for all APIs. The company provides analytics and data science features for mobile apps and web dashboards. By providing the basic infrastructure, analytics for APIs is made easier. In an interview with Dan Kador, co-founder and CTO of Keen IO, he shares his vision and plan for a more analytically layered programmable web.

Heroku Announces Support for the New PHP

Today, Heroku makes a huge announcement around its support for PHP. PHP is currently one of the most popular languages driving the web. Although PHP drives the likes of some of the webs giants (e.g. Facebook, Etsy, etc.), PHP has traditionally lacked some qualities (e.g. runtime, management, infrastructure elements) that peers like Ruby on Rails, Python with Django, and Node have delivered for quite some time. On April 30, at Facebook's F8, a new PHP is announced with full Heroku support. On the evening of the announcement, ProgrammableWeb caught up with Heroku's Adam Gross.

SmartBear Launches SoapUI 5.0

Today, SmartBear announced the general availability of SoapUI 5.0. SoapUI was specifically designed to tame the growing number of undocumented REST APIs on the market today. In preparation for the launch, ProgrammableWeb caught up with Matti Hjelm, SmartBear's SoapUI Product Owner, to learn more.

3SCALE Launches AWS API Proxy

3SCALE recently announced the launch of the 3SCALE AWS API Proxy. The new offering allows anyone to setup an API management proxy on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. To learn more about the new API proxy, ProgrammableWeb caught up with 3SCALE CEO, Steve Willmott.