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How Edmunds API Program Thrives On Its Marketplace and Developer Earnings

Edmunds is an automotive research website that offers APIs for developers to access automotive content. This case looks at Edmunds’ focus on encouraging third parties to be viable businesses via the Edmunds APIs. Edmunds also focuses on outreach activities including hosting an accelerator program.

Why Philips Targets Enterprise, Commercial, and Hobbyist Developers Separately

This case study looks at the strategies used by Philips Hue that have seen their developer adoption grow by 157%. A clear understanding of developer personas has helped Philips to know the needs and app development environments of their ecosystem which has fostered better developer relations.

Comprehensive Platform Support Including Ruby and .NET Drive Podio's API Success

Podio is a SaaS provider that lets customers create their own apps and workflows. This study looks at how Podio has focused on their core business use case by supporting technologies often found in the enterprise and how they launched a marketplace to ease discovery of 3rd party integrations.

Non-Developer Offerings and Analytics Help Drive SimilarWeb's API Success

SimilarWeb provides website and mobile statistics tracking with the company's API offering access to the data streams of their SaaS offering. This case looks at how SimilarWeb has treated their API with a product perspective allowing them to target new markets of end users outside of developers.

How Walgreens' API Program Leverages Seasonality And Revenue Sharing

Pharmacy and wellness retailer Walgreens offers a photo printing service that can be integrated with via their Photo Prints API. This case study looks at how Walgreens shares key sales trends data and provides discounts that developers can pass onto end users to encourage seasonal photo printing.

How Pivoting Towards Platform Providers Transformed WePay's API Business

WePay is a payment processing company focusing on platform businesses. WePay grew it's API by 600% in 2014 and this case study looks at how this growth was keyed by a refresh of its developer portal, including sample code and tutorials, to refine the messaging towards platform oriented businesses.