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Review: HP IDOL OnDemand APIs Help Organizations Make Sense of Data

HP IDOL OnDemand is a suite of APIs focused on solving overcoming some of the tough challenges of the data boom. Indeed, data is being generated at levels never before seen, and the flow shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down. This data comes from many different sources, and, to make use of it, organizations must be able to effectively tap into--and make effective use of--unstructured text and images. This will enable them to drive a variety of key applications, ranging from business intelligence to analytics to behavior analysis. This is no easy task: The data in question may not be in the format that you want (or need) it in, and it involves text/image processing algorithms combined with natural language processing.

Review: FileMaker 13 Enables Powerful Custom Database Solutions with No Programming Required

The latest version FileMaker adds a mechanism for easily extending the venerable database platform for use with browsers and mobile—without the need for Web programming or app development. Based on our tests, Version 13 of FileMaker is a powerful yet simple tool for designing and publishing custom databases that will suit businesses’ specific data management requirements.

Orchestrate Eases Complex Database Tasks

So, you are an indie developer, or a small to midsize business, without the resources to curate your own complex backend? Enter Orchestrate (formerly known as, a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) provider that manages a complex infrastructure of scalable storage and querying engines (NoSQL), each optimized to a particular task or query.