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The EveryScape API Can Show You The Way

There is a restaurant near my house that I go to often, it’s hard to find and I have trouble explaining to my friends how to get there. I can’t help but wonder how much business this restaurant is losing because of its poor location. Indoor mapping company EveryScape might have the solution. It's like Google Maps street view that doesn’t stop at the front door, it goes right inside. The Everyscape API can seamlessly be integrated into a website, allowing a developer to place the company’s immersive viewer in a relevant section of their site.

Could This API Help You Keep Your Friends?

Some of the best experiences in my life are trips that I took with my closest friends. These memories could be even better if I had not been forced to wait so long to get paid back after fronting the hotel bill. Sometimes friends have different ideas on what is an acceptable timeline for recompense. Now, thanks to Splitable, we can all avoid setting ourselves up for a let down by leveling the playing field. Splitable is an easy-to-integrate payment solution that lets customers split the cost of products and services with their friends. The simple online interface provides a forum for discussing plans and then facilitates payment. The company offers the Splitable API that gives store owners the ability to allow their customers to split the cost of a product or service.

An API That Makes Life More Fun

Some tasks in life are so boring that they could never be fun, just don’t tell GreenGoose that. GreenGoose is a real life “gamification” company, using small sensors and accelerometers on stickers to track everyday behavior. The company will eventually sell sensors designed to track anything from how often you drink from a water bottle, to how far you can throw a Frisbee. An online account then uses the data collected from these sensors to calculate how often you perform these tasks. The idea is that this would add some fun to your life while helping you stay on top of chores like feeding your dog. The GreenGoose API allows you to pull data from the sensors into any custom application.

Could This API End Road Rage?

How many times have you been stuck in traffic behind a car circling the block looking for parking? Have you ever been that car circling the block? Imagine how much time (and gas) could be saved if there was an easier way to find the perfect place to park. Santa Monica-based ParkingInMotion, a developer of parking information apps for mobile devices, is working on making the process simpler. ParkingInMotion's mission is to improve the way drivers find, compare, and pay for parking. The ParkingInMotion APIs provide access to the basic data in the ParkingInMotion database, as well as the optional higher level Rate Calculator and ‘ParkMe’ recommender.

Could This API Be a Photographer's Best Friend?

Creating a photograph that gives life to its subject is hard. Once you have done that, proofing and selling your photos should be easy. ShootProof is trying to simplify photography post-production. ShootProof is a web based service that allows photographers to upload, organize, share, and sell photography online. The read/write ShootProof API provides developers access to many of the site's features, including uploading new photos.