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Broadcom's Internet of Things Strategy Could Yield Bumper Crop For Developers

Most people -- especially developers -- don't know or care about what Broadcom is. For decades however, some of the biggest brands in the industry (Apple, Samsung, Dell, etc.) have relied on the semiconductor maker to enable the computers and mobile devices they sell for network and GPS connectivity. If the company had a "Broadcom Inside" logo, you'd be shocked to learn how many devices could bear it.

A Note from ProgrammableWeb's New Editor in Chief

It's strange how some things in life come full circle as though they were so meant to be, there couldn't possibly be another way. Back in 2005, when ProgrammableWeb founder John Musser caught wind of the tsunami of APIs that were about to make landfall on the Internet -- APIs like the ones for Google Maps and Flickr that debuted that year -- he not only recognized the tipping point that was upon us, he seized the day. He founded ProgrammableWeb as the first and only destination dedicated to the community of Web developers and the API providers in their service.