The Latest News On The API Economy

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HubSpot Introduces Beta Version of Calling API

HubSpot announced a beta for its Calling API. The API allows third party telephony providers to use their own calling features with HubSpot. Without this API, HubSpot partners needed to rely on HubSpot's native calling features. The beta is open to Sales Hub and Service Hub Enterprise Customers.

Twilio Announces Twilio API for WhatsApp

Twilio has announced the Twilio API for WhatsApp which allows developers to integrate with applications nearly every messaging channel via one Twilio Messaging API. Among the messaging channels the API supports are SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, RCS, LINE and the newly added API for WhatsApp.

Apache Pulsar 2.0 Release Now Available

Streamlio has announced the release of Apache Pulsar 2.0 which includes several new enhancements including Schema Registry and Topic Compaction. This latest release of Apache Pulsar also includes the general availability of Pulsar Functions which are lightweight, stream-native compute processes.