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Campaign Monitor Rewrites API, Dumps SOAP

Campaign Monitor, the email marketing software aimed at designers, recently announced a massive API update that is sure to please developers. The changes are less of an update and more of a complete redesign from the ground up. The folks down in Sydney have gone RESTful, the new version no longer supporting SOAP. The API also added realtime tracking and integrated powerful segmentation tools.

Wordnik API Could Usher in a Stream of Word Games

If you are into developing word games and have been scouting around for both a word database and an API to go with to make things easier, Wordnik may just have delivered the solution for you. The online dictionary's latest version of its Wordnik API is squarely targeting word game developers by giving them additional methods that will help them find words with a great degree of control.

Contactology Updates API, Goes REST Over SOAP

Contactology, an Email Marketing service, has announced the release of its API. The new API Version 2 has big changes that make it more developer friendly. First, it adopts the REST style over Version 1 that was based on SOAP. It also provides data as developer-preferred JSON. The changes make the API easier to use, which is good for everyone.

Foursquare Outage a Chance to Test for Errors

Location-sharing service Foursquare was down most of Monday, apparently due to a database issue. No Foursquare website or apps were available. And with the API also down, third party applications were helpless. Yet, it's a good reminder to developers to plan for downtime and to providers to have communications in place to let others know about your service's issues when they arise.

Embed Flash Games via the HeyZap API

The goal of HeyZap is to be the "YouTube of casual gaming" by giving site publishers a way to embed more than 6000 casual Flash games into their sites with a single embed code. Their business model (more detail from TechCrunch) is to collect revenue from ads within the games using the MochiAds ad platform and share some of that with developers. The publishers using the code don't get revenue, but get increased traffic to their sites.

Money, Ads, and Maps: Is Mapvertising the Key to Monetizing Mashups?

As the various offerings by mapping API providers continue to mature, new opportunities have emerged for would-be advertisers and map mashup developers to tap into the ability to include advertising directly on a map. In addition to providing a wealth of information and spatial context, mapping APIs have the potential to serve as an additional venue for advertising.