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Involver Launches Groundbreaking Social Advertising Optimization API

Involver launched its Engagement Optimization API last week (read the official release here). Partners are utilizing the API to "optimize their ad spend on social in the way they've been doing across the web for a long time." Although advertising across social networks has been deployed for quite some time, advertisers have had limited tools to track engagement.  Facebook Insights is probably most commonly used to analyze social data. When users have required deeper analysis, the advertisers were forced to use highly custom integrations.

CityGrid Advertising API Helps Show You The Money

Citysearch is an easy way to find the best of anything in your city. The company, based in West Hollywood, was founded in 1995 and now covers over 75,000 locations nationwide. Using their online search tool you can search for your city and return results ranging from recommended restaurants to recommended hotels. This online aggregate of local listings content and advertisers allows developers to tap into a massive site monetization resource. The CityGrid Advertising API makes all of CitySearch’s content available to other websites, provides simple ‘pay-per-click’ monetization options to users.

Facebook Ads API: Gaming the System

Until recently, only a handful of vendors have had access to the Facebook Ads API—a few major tool developers and some folks willing to make a $5M deposit with Facebook. We've been running Facebook ads and building apps for the last 4 years. The breakdown on the Facebook Ads API: It’s not exactly as robust as the Google AdWords API, but that creates an opportunity to build what Facebook has missed, or game the system, depending on whether you’re white or black hat.

Facebook Advertising Gets Serious With its "Marketing Suite"

Facebook has launched a new suite of marketing APIs and taken its Facebook Ads API out of private beta. The suite gives developers, ad agencies, and marketers programmatic access to pages, advertising, and analytics for their social media marketing campaigns. In addition to the Ads API, the suite includes the Insights API for building social analytics tools, and Pages API for building and accessing pages and their fields, connections, events, links, notes, photos, and videos. Both are officially part of the Facebook Graph API.

Tap Me Launches iPhone Ad Platform, Plans API

There are a number of advertising networks available for mobile applications, but game company Tap Me is creating one specifically for game developers. Tap Me has launched its iPhone SDK today, with plans to support other platforms soon, including a generic API that will allow developers full control of how advertisements are included in their games. Rather than simply provide display advertising, Tap Me ties the ads into in-game actions, with brands able to be integrated deeper into games.

New CitySearch APIs Give Developers a Role in its Business Model

CityGrid Media, the company behind local mainstay CitySearch, has announced a new version of its CityGrid API. The service offers developers new access to content, as well as new ways to monetize whatever integrations they might build. The new API provides features now synonymous with local services, such as business listings and coupons. And CityGrid is sharing revenues with developers.

Embed Flash Games via the HeyZap API

The goal of HeyZap is to be the "YouTube of casual gaming" by giving site publishers a way to embed more than 6000 casual Flash games into their sites with a single embed code. Their business model (more detail from TechCrunch) is to collect revenue from ads within the games using the MochiAds ad platform and share some of that with developers. The publishers using the code don't get revenue, but get increased traffic to their sites.

Money, Ads, and Maps: Is Mapvertising the Key to Monetizing Mashups?

As the various offerings by mapping API providers continue to mature, new opportunities have emerged for would-be advertisers and map mashup developers to tap into the ability to include advertising directly on a map. In addition to providing a wealth of information and spatial context, mapping APIs have the potential to serve as an additional venue for advertising.