The Latest News On The API Economy

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Google Announces Web Budget API Support in Chrome 60

Google recently announced that it will support the W3C Web Budget API in Chrome 60. The API allows developers to run certain background operations without the knowledge of the user. The first operation supported by Google is silent push, but the W3C specification includes many more operations.

MuHu Announces Video Intelligence API

MuHu has opened up API access to its video intelligence platform. While MuHu had originally focused on the transportation industry, the company expects open access to the platform to benefit all industries. Video intelligence allows for apps and devices to respond to video input after integration.

Google Officially Retires Hangouts API

As announced earlier this year, Google officially retired the Hangouts API. As Hangouts is repositioned for enterprise use, the need for some of the social, consumer focused video features of the API are no longer a priority. Accordingly, the end of the API was first announced and now realized.

Agora Launches SDK to Add Filters to Live Video launched Agora Virtual Lenses: an SDK that allows video streaming providers to add stickers and filters to real-time video. With over 600 sets of stickers and a number of lenses and filters, Agora aims to augment any video experience in the same way Snapchat filters augment social media.