The Latest News On The API Economy

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12 Popular Open Source APIs

Developers love open source software. It stokes creativity, collaboration, and innovation, and is free, or at least less expensive, than commercial software. Luckily ProgrammableWeb provides hundreds of APIs in the Open Source category. Here we highlight the 12 most popular Open Source APIs.

11 Top Weather APIs

In recent years, weather has become more extreme. Luckily meteorology and weather data retrieval tools are improving every day. Developers looking to build applications for weather can check out these popular APIs that are listed in the Weather category on ProgrammableWeb to suit their needs.

13 Top Recognition APIs

Recent technology backed by machine learning is making it possible to recognize people and objects from images, videos, sounds, body parts, speech, phrases, characters, even typing. Developers can find over two-hundred APIs for Recognition on ProgrammableWeb. Here are some top choices.

Ockam Open Sources its IoT SDK

Ockam refers to itself as the Twilio of IoT. With that tagline, it's hoping to make IoT developers' lives much easier with simple IoT development tools that scale and interoperate with ease. Accordingly, the Ockam SDK is now open sourced at GitHub. SDK users become part of the Ockam Network.

GitHub Announces Unlimited Free Private Repos

​GitHub announced that it will provide users with free access to an unlimited amount of private repositories, the only restriction being a limit of 3 collaborators per repository. GitHub also announced the unification of key enterprise products, with the intention of providing increased flexibility.