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New App Gallery For The Triple Win

API service provider Mashery (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) has launched a new app directory at SXSW which features apps built on Mashery hosted APIs.  It’s a great thing for three distinct groups.  First, it helps the API providers who partner with Mashery by encouraging API usage through the apps.  Second, it helps app developers seeking to build an audience.  Third, it helps consumers that might be interested in finding an app that uses a particular API.  Granted, those would be your super savvy mobile app consumers, but that doesn’t seem so far fetched after a week at "spring break for geeks."

PowerInbox Wants You To Stay In Your Inbox

Despite all the claims over the years that email is going to go away, it comes as no surprise that email is still and will be the dominant ways that we communicate with each other. People complain that they are not being productive because they end up spending way too much time inside their email application. But what if we turn this equation on its head and instead say that you could actually be more productive while using your email application. PowerInbox strongly believes that and gives developers the tools to accomplish this through its platform and the PowerInbox API.

Best New Mashups: Recommendations

Where do you want to go eat? What movie should we watch? What do you feel like doing this weekend? Any of those questions sound familiar to you? Sometimes the answer is simple, but other times you simply don't want to be forced to think. Fear not, ProgrammableWeb is here to help for those days when you'd rather let someone else do the decision making for you. These mashups take advantage of popular social APIs such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and to gather a wide range of recommendations. Give them a try, your new favorite thing may be just around the corner.

Publishing A Billion Mobile Apps: How The Company You Never Heard of Plans To Do It

Matthew David from is an intense individual.  He has seen the opportunity lying in front of mobile application developers and I suspect that it’s keeping him up at night.  No, its not tied to a single platform. The opportunity he sees is based on a trend that involves billions of mobile phone users around the globe.  “There are 7 billion people on the planet,  4.5 billion of them have cell phones” David explained, “currently 5% are smartphones.  By the end of 2012, we’ll see that number move to 20%.”  That’s about 700 million new smartphones, for those of us counting along, that will be coming online this year.  Let that number sink in for a moment. If you’re a bit skeptical, note that some projections put 2012 iPhone says at between 125 and 200 million, and that’s just one phone in the market.

An API to Turn Any Web Content into an Android app

For developers, the best tools to code in are the ones you know best. For web developers, that's XHTML, Javascript, CSS, etc. Over the last few years, the focus has shifted from the web to mobile devices. While many web developers have picked up a Java or Objective-C book or two and to dive headfirst into the mobile mobile markets, others have been too busy to make the shift. With tools like Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap, it's been easier to use web development languages and techniques to develop mobile applications. AppsGeyser joins the mix, with a bit of a twist: the AppsGeyser API.

GoodGuide, an API for Ethical Product Ratings

GoodGuide is a service that we have been using as a family for a while. It attempts to analyze a product holistically to produce a simple 1 to 10 rating of its 'goodness.' I am personally satisfied to see that the GoodGuide API will share this data with the world. Many consumers would love to choose products based on their total “goodness” but how can you possibly investigate all the companies and products that are out there?

LocationGenome Takes Location Beyond The Map

LocationGenome is inspired by Pandora’s effort to map out the music genome, which seeks to identify, categorize, tag, and recommend music. LocationGenome would like to do the same thing for places that you might want to visit. The example offered on its site explains the obvious relation to some between organic food groceries, vitamin stores, and vegetarian restaurants. The LocationGenome API aims to help your application take advantage of this type of cross category theme. API Helps Code the Perfect Gift Search App

Spring is here! Have you done your holiday shopping yet? What better time to start than now? Better yet, what better time to start building a better way to shop for gifts this holiday season? The API gives developers access to its “industry-leading” gift shopping engine. It better be industry leading too, because there’s a lot of competition in this space! ProgrammableWeb documents 677 shopping mashups, so if you are vying for someone to use your particular gift search system you better be classy.

API Business Models: To Pay or To Charge Developers, That Is the Question

Lately we're seeing a lot more talk about API monetization. Last week we covered TweetPhoto's efforts at encouraging developers to use the TweetPhoto API through a transactional payment model (one penny or so for each photo uploaded via the API). Last month we covered Bandsintown, which provides affiliate earnings via use of its Bandsintown API. And more recently Touchnote announced an affiliate payment model (with a whopping 30% royalty) for developers working with its image API.

Using Mashups to Create a More Efficient Government?'s Kenneth Corbin recently wrote about the National Association of State CIOs conference, where White House science and technology adviser Beth Noveck spoke to attendees about opening up government processes to collaboration in an open source model. According to Corbin, Noveck hinted about an API-driven model that could produce citizen-created mashups and applications.

Wikia Search Launches Intelligent Search Extensions API

Wikia Search has announced a new feature called Wikia Intelligent Search Extensions, or WISE, which founder Jimmy Wales likens to "Facebook Apps for search results." The new platform allows third parties to build applications, called WISEApps, that Wikia Search users can enable in their accounts and which add additional functionality to relevant search results (more at our Wikia API profile). For example, the results for an ordinary search for "Chicago weather" will include a link to, but if the user enables the WISEApp, the search result will include a full graphical five-day weather forecast.