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Google Creates FAQ for AdWords API Shared Budgets Feature

In early October, Google announced the launch of a new version of the AdWords API (v201209) which adds several new features including shared budgets, "rotate indefinitely" setting option and Ad group-level demographic targeting. Google has now published a post on the Google Ads Developer blog advising that a new FAQ page has been created to answer questions about the new Shared Budgets feature.

Ask The Right Person, Get The Right Answer

Asking questions online is common practice these days, and for most queries we are able to get basic answers and insight from forums, blogs, search engines and interest groups. But what about those answers we have no way of getting? How does one access that truly valuable business information that could help to resolve a make or break issue? The Mancx API may help solve the problem.

Wolfram Alpha Releases Their API

Wolfram Alpha, the up-and-coming "answer engine" that we reported on back in May, has just released an API that developers have been awaiting since this spring. The new RESTful API provides access to the vast stores of data and computational knowledge available through the Wolfram Alpha project (technical details at our Wolfram Alpha API profile).

Hunch Launches API: Go Make Decisions

While Google leads the way in web search and Yahoo leads the way in answers, many upstart services are attempting to help you make decisions by giving you smarter answers to your questions. Microsoft has billed its new search offering Bing as both a "decision engine" and an "answer engine." Now there's Hunch, a new start-up founded by Flickr's Caterina Fake, which also aims to be a decision engine, but using a very different model. By first asking the user questions ranging from food preferences to pet peeves, Hunch tries to provide answers to questions that best match the user's interests based on crowdsourced data collected from other users.