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Sweden's Stockholm University Integrates EBSCO Discovery Service API into Library Software Platform

EBSCO announced that Sweden's Stockholm University has selected the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) which includes custom integration of the EDS API into the institution's library software platform. The University was looking for a reliable search and discovery solution that would be easy to integrate with the existing library software platform.

NYPL Launches New API Allowing Developers Access to Vast Archives of Digitized Creative Works

Earlier this year, ProgrammableWeb reported that the New York Public Library (NYPL) had launched the What's on the Menu API, the first public API released by the institution. The New York Public Library has just announced the launch of the NYPL Digital Collections API which allows developers programmatic access to the Library's vast collections of digitized creative works including manuscripts, historical maps, rare prints, photographs and much more.

NYPL Launches First Public API: What's on the Menu?

In Spring 2011, the New York Public Library (NYPL) launched one of the largest culinary data projects of all time: What's on the Menu?. The NYPL maintains one of the world's largest menu collections (around 45,000 menus dating back to the 1840s). The project aims to ease searching through this massive dataset. In simplifying menu search, What's on the Menu launched the first NYPL public API.

Google Creates FAQ for AdWords API Shared Budgets Feature

In early October, Google announced the launch of a new version of the AdWords API (v201209) which adds several new features including shared budgets, "rotate indefinitely" setting option and Ad group-level demographic targeting. Google has now published a post on the Google Ads Developer blog advising that a new FAQ page has been created to answer questions about the new Shared Budgets feature.

Ask The Right Person, Get The Right Answer

Asking questions online is common practice these days, and for most queries we are able to get basic answers and insight from forums, blogs, search engines and interest groups. But what about those answers we have no way of getting? How does one access that truly valuable business information that could help to resolve a make or break issue? The Mancx API may help solve the problem.

Quora Can't Wait Any More, Releases Alpha API

For over a year developers have been asking for an API from Quora, the Q&A site that has recently exploded in popularity. The company had been waiting until there were "enough users and content on Quora." A browser extension outed the interface and now there is an officially released, but still alpha Quora API.

Stack Overflow Releases API Into Public Beta

Stack Overflow, the very successful question and answer site for programmers, have now released their own API into public beta. The API actually works with all of the Stack Exchange sites, including and, with more sites possibly launching in the future. The API is supported by the site