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Daily API RoundUp: Microsoft Payment Request, Basetrip, Netigate

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory today, in categories including Spam, Travel, Bitcoin, Surveys, and Banking. One highlight today is the Basetrip API, which provides detailed International travel information to users. Have a look at what is new for developers.

Osmosis API: Get All The Facts First - The Best Way To Start A Design Job

When it comes to design, it can often be quite tricky to get designer and client to agree 100% or even just be on the same page with regards to the direction of the project. Unless communication is streamlined and completely clear from the start, the project can run into a number of disasters, not to mention becoming costly and more time consuming than necessary. Osmosis is a web application that serves as a kind of questionnaire and design brief to help creatives save time at the very start of a project. The Osmosis API is available for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.

The GoPollGo API: Now You Too can Gallup Along

GoPollGo is all about creating polls, from running them during presidential debates to coworkers polling each other on where to go for lunch. It has two APIs. One is a public read-only API free to anyone. The other is private, in beta that allows third parties to create polls. Clients  such as ESPN, Netflix,, Robert Scoble, AppleInsider and The Weather Channel, use GoPollGo to track opinions on their brands and businesses.

Checkbox API Enables Survey Functionality in Existing Apps

Checkbox, survey and data collection tool provider, allows developers to integrate survey functionality into third party apps via the Checkbox API. The API enables functionality beyond mere answer collection. For example, developers can integrate a Checkbox survey with a CRM application and automatically create a new entry directly from the survey. The application possibilities are seeming endless.

TrueSample API Ensures Online Survey Quality

TrueSample, SurveyMonkey's validation technology, released the TrueSample API that allows developers to qualify survey responders to achieve effective results. The technology driving TrueSample ensures that people are who they claim to be and only take a survey once, all while eliminating those who choose random answers and unqualified responders. The TrueSample API provides pre and post survey data as well as real-time feedback to provide industry leading insight into surveys of all types.

Examinare API Enables In-app Survey Functionality

Examinare provides a host of survey tools to help businesses gain an edge on the competition and encourages continued innovation and customer support. In its bag of survey tools lies the Examinare API which allows developers to integrate survey data and functionality with third party apps. Examinare entered the survey market as a client required survey feedback for a special project. The project exceeded expectations and ongoing demand for survey functionality continued. Examinare aims to offer such functionality across all apps with the API.

Google Creates FAQ for AdWords API Shared Budgets Feature

In early October, Google announced the launch of a new version of the AdWords API (v201209) which adds several new features including shared budgets, "rotate indefinitely" setting option and Ad group-level demographic targeting. Google has now published a post on the Google Ads Developer blog advising that a new FAQ page has been created to answer questions about the new Shared Budgets feature.

Cogix: Rate This

Cogix Ratings API facilitates creating ratings for content. In fact, it looks like you can use it to rate anything, not just traditional content such as photos, videos and articles, but products as well. Questionnaires for ratings use their product, ViewsFlash. According to the Cogix webpage about the API, content of the form is sent using HTTP after being modified with Javascript.

Ask The Right Person, Get The Right Answer

Asking questions online is common practice these days, and for most queries we are able to get basic answers and insight from forums, blogs, search engines and interest groups. But what about those answers we have no way of getting? How does one access that truly valuable business information that could help to resolve a make or break issue? The Mancx API may help solve the problem.

Do Developers Love Legalese?

At this year's SXSW, Mashery (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) conducted a survey of attending developers and discovered something interesting:  They care more about getting Commercial Terms of Service (TOS) than code samples from their APIs.  Does this mean a new rash of coder/lawyers skewed the survey sample?  No, it's just an indication that developers are growing up--and they expect their favorite APIs to grow with them.

Survey Says Facebook API Has Most Headaches and Horror Stories

A survey of API experiences raised some of the largest problems developers encounter, including which companies cause them. The Facebook API was mentioned far and away more than any other in long-form answers to questions about headaches, horror stories and other issues while integrating with APIs. Also mentioned often were Google APIs and the Twitter API. While it should be noted that all three are also among the most popular for developers, there are lessons to be learned in mining the results of this survey put out to Hacker News readers.