The Latest News On The API Economy

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Flutter v1.17 Released

Flutter, Google's UI toolkit for building native applications for mobile, web, and desktop, has announced the release of v1.17. Over 3,000 PRs are included, plus increased performance and many new features including Metal support on iOS, new Material components, new Network tracking, and more.

Oracle Introduces Java 14

Oracle recently announced Java 14. JDK 14 includes sixteen new features, most targeted at improving developer productivity. Additionally, the release includes three features in preview: Pattern Matching for instance of (JEP 305), Records (JEP 359), and Text Blocks (JEP 368).

CWT Expands myCWT to China Market

CWT, travel management platform provider, has expanded its myCWT platform to China. The omni-channel, open API-based platform is the first of its kind in China. China's travel market includes specific nuances that required some customization for the myCWT platform and CWT made the adjustments.