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India Restricts SMS, Mobile Messaging Apps See Boost

Governments across the world have made attempts to restrict usage of messaging technology by its citizens for various purposes. The latest is the ban on bulk SMS and MMS by mobile users in India by the Government of India. The 15-day restriction, which was put into effect on August 18, restricts mobile users from sending not more than 5 SMS and MMS and also other restrictions on message size. The Government directed telecom operators to implement these restrictions in the wake of recent disturbances in the country, where it was inferred that messaging mechanisms like SMS contributed to widespread rumors, which fueled the unrest.

More Than You Might Expect Behind SMS APIs

When I saw three new SMS APIs, Kinross, Oventus & Txttools added to our index I thought that I might as well dive into this telephony area a little more deeply.  A few minutes of clicking and I learned just how ignorant I was about this space.  My previous understanding of the texting service provider arena was based on limited exposure. I had only heard of Tropo & Twilio and I assumed that they were the main players with other SMS sites simply wrapping around them.  It seems that just the opposite is true, and that there is a lot of fragmentation in this area.

Ez Texting Family of APIs Go RESTful

The Ez Texting is a simple solution to a problem many developers have in the mobile world. The Ez Texting API allows developers to send SMS text messages to phones in the US and Canada. It recently had a major update, as did its related TellMyCell API and Club Texting API, adding a full REST API to the previous HTTP methods. It also added the functionality to send a text to a number of phones with one API call.