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PowerInbox Wants You To Stay In Your Inbox

Despite all the claims over the years that email is going to go away, it comes as no surprise that email is still and will be the dominant ways that we communicate with each other. People complain that they are not being productive because they end up spending way too much time inside their email application. But what if we turn this equation on its head and instead say that you could actually be more productive while using your email application. PowerInbox strongly believes that and gives developers the tools to accomplish this through its platform and the PowerInbox API.

Send and Receive with These Four Email APIs

So you need to send emails. Pretty simple right? Not so fast. It doesn’t matter how easy your language or framework makes sending emails, if you try to do it on your own be prepared to configure mail servers, setup Spam-related DNS entries, and still wonder if mail is actually being delivered. And your applications needs to process incoming email? Back to the config files, piping mail to your script - or just end up polling a POP or IMAP box. That’s what I had to do, back in the day. Fortunately, like so many things today, there’s an API for that. Actually there are a few.

PostageApp Delivers New Engine, Analytics and Subscriber Plans

Email continues to be a critical part of most web applications today. Despite the rise of various methods of reaching out to users, transactional email continues to grow. Many developers prefer to offload the email functionality of their application to a service which does the heavy lifting of not just delivering your email but also provides tracking and other various other services. PostageApp, a provider of Email Management Services, has just announced a new version of its product that includes a new delivery engine, analytics and new plans.

Guerilla Mail, an API That Helps Stop Spam

Guerilla Mail is a simple idea with one purpose: to avoid spam. The idea is dead simple: go to the website, it gives you a random e-mail address that's good for one hour, and links to nothing else. Register for sites or whatever with it, and then never worry about it again. Although the web service is convenient, sometimes it's not everything you need. For those cases, one might want to look into using the Guerilla Mail API.

Context.IO Makes Your Inbox into a Datastore

DokDok, a Montreal-based startup, has had an email attachment management application on Google Apps some time. To make this work, it made an API to use internally that intelligently uses email accounts as if they were datastores. Recently, the company announced that this API would be renamed Context.IO and available to all.

Campaign Monitor Rewrites API, Dumps SOAP

Campaign Monitor, the email marketing software aimed at designers, recently announced a massive API update that is sure to please developers. The changes are less of an update and more of a complete redesign from the ground up. The folks down in Sydney have gone RESTful, the new version no longer supporting SOAP. The API also added realtime tracking and integrated powerful segmentation tools.

Inside MailChimp's Innovative No Equity $1 Million API Fund

Email marketing service provider MailChimp announced last week a new $1 million dollar fund for startups building products that integrate with the service's MailChimp API. MailChimp's program is somewhat unique in that they won't be asking for equity from the companies they fund. It's a pretty attractive deal for prospective partners and a trail-blazing move for a platform in an increasingly competitive industry.

Contactology Updates API, Goes REST Over SOAP

Contactology, an Email Marketing service, has announced the release of its API. The new API Version 2 has big changes that make it more developer friendly. First, it adopts the REST style over Version 1 that was based on SOAP. It also provides data as developer-preferred JSON. The changes make the API easier to use, which is good for everyone.

Convert Tweets to Emails with Google AppsScript

People and organizations start using Twitter today for general public announcements or as a primary communication channel in closed communities. For example, I use Twitter when I want to share a story with my students or announce a newly available studying material. But what do you do if there are some people who do not want to use Twitter and still rely on email communication? By using Twitter API and Google AppsScript you can write and run a simple mashup that sends an email anytime you post a new message on Twitter.

Email Yak Offers Web Based Email API

Despite attempts to reinvent it, email is still one of the most popular ways to communicate across the internet. Developers have long been able to take advantage of Emails popularity using various libraries that support POP, SMTP and IMAP. This is fine when you have access to a publicly available web server, but for small and hobby developers this can be an unacceptable cost.

Yahoo Removes All Access Restrictions to the Yahoo Email API

Despite the popularity of micro blogging, instant messaging and social networks, email still plays a huge role in communicating across the internet. This fact is not lost on the big players, who are actively looking for ways to add value to their email services. We have already reported on some changes Google have made to Gmail by implementing the OAuth protocol to make it more open and secure for external access, but it seems that Yahoo beat them to the post, who have also implemented OAuth for their Yahoo Mail API.

Google's Gmail is Now an App Platform

Additional third party integration with Gmail has been possible (you only have to look at all the contact import features from sites like Facebook), but these have either been clunky manual procedures that involve exporting contacts to a CVS file, or they require you to supply your email password. Neither option is all that attractive. Now there is an alternative. Google have recently added the ability to access the IMAP/SMTP features of particular Gmail account using OAuth.

Google Launches Email Settings API for Hosted Apps

Google has announced its latest API with a haiku of all things: New admin tool dawns Settings change like the seasons For hosted email That's from Andrew Olsen of the Google Apps team, announcing the Google Email Settings API, which allows IT administrators at organizations that use the Gmail-based Google Apps hosted webmail solution to "programmatically update Gmail settings for their users in bulk by making requests to a GData feed." Previously, settings could only be changed manually, on an account-by-account basis.