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Searching: No Search Term , Filtered By Category: "Authentication", Category: "Authorization", Category: "Verification" Adds More Features to Simplify Authentication

It seems at every API conference, there is a new feature being released by the team at In October, at API Strategy and Practice in San Francisco, released a mobile SDK. Now after APIDays in Paris, has released a 'code request' feature to abstract usage tokens in the authentication process. Co-Founder Mehdi Medjaoui spoke with ProgrammableWeb about the service that provides a unified API for any OAuth implementation.

LaunchKey Releases Updated API Integrations for Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication platform provider LaunchKey has announced new API integrations for web and mobile applications. The LaunchKey platform improves privacy and security through decentralization of credentials from personal identification information. In addition to native apps, LaunchKey offers a central API, multiple SDKs and plugins that allow for cross-platform integration with mobile devices.

LoginRadius Adds Login with Amazon, Platform Now Serves Over 50,000 Sites and Reaches 10 Million Users Per Month

LoginRadius, a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider of social infrastructure, has announced the addition of "Login with Amazon" to the LoginRadius social infrastructure platform. The LoginRadius platform and Unified Social API features social login with 29 ID providers, single sign-on, user profile data, friend invite, social analytics, social sharing and more.

PassDefense API: Reliable Security For Your Web Users

Developers know the importance of internet security and being able to offer their users high standard password information protection. PassDefense is an application that offers developers a solution that enables them to authenticate and secure user data. The PassDefense API provides access to it's data, making it possible to create and authenticate users, send and retrieve data and more.

Stormpath Uses New Funding to Enhance API

Stormpath, user management and authentication service, recently announced a new round of funding that will allow it to enhance the Stormpath API. The Stormpath team believes that its API presents a disruptive technology that empowers developers at the SMB level through technology not available to enterprises utilizing legacy tools and software.

When It Comes To Phone Numbers Phoneify Keeps It Real

“Hello, who am I speaking with please? Is this LoveUrApi007, who’s attempting to register at my site?” Why can’t there be a little more trust on the web? Have you ever wished that you knew with a little more certainty that user registrations on your website were authentic? Especially with the amount of telemarketing calls that hit those of us that using land lines, it would be nice to add a little more authenticity to the use of phone numbers in today’s technology. Phoneify and its Phoneify API is are trying to help.

Social Logins Made Easy with Janrain

User authentication in apps is a pain, even if you've built an authentication system dozens of times. Forms, sessions, user tables, validation, password management, the list goes on in the seemingly never-ending to-do list for setting up a simple signup, login, and logout system for your app. OpenID company Janrain makes it easier, building on top of social networks.