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Why APIs may be the Key to Kenya's Economic Development?

Kenya currently lays claim to the world's largest user base of mobile money. With over 25 million mobile money users in the country, Kenya seems to be a mobile developer's dream when it comes to potential user base. However, as COSEKE's Kevin Njoki told ITWeb Africa, developers face major roadblocks in monetizing apps despite the massive mobile money user base. At the heart of the difficulty lies a lack of open APIs from the country's leading telecommunication companies.

Payfirma Launches Multichannel Payments API

Of all the markets being impacted by the booming API economy, perhaps none has seen as much activity and innovation as the payments space. The past several years have seen the launch of a number of disruptive and successful API-centric upstarts, including Stripe and Balanced. Meanwhile, entrenched players like PayPal and Verifone have responded with new offerings of their own.

DataCash Integrates a MasterCard API to Increase Fraud Detection

DataCash, global payments services provider, has announced that its fraud management solution (GateKeeper 2.0) will be the first of its kind to integrate MasterCard's Lost-Stolen Account List API. The MasterCard API cross-references over 30 million lost and stolen cards globally. The integration will empower merchants with greater fraud detection capabilities and lessen the potential to reject legitimate customers.

Social Money Launches Private Beta Version of CorePro API

Social Money, an online goal savings platform provider, has announced the launch of the private beta version of the CorePro API which allows companies to integrate savings accounts into online and mobile applications. The CorePro Platform is the first product that Social Money has developed that offers an open API and was built using elements of the company's SmartyPig platform.

The app55 API: Turning Britain, and the World, into a Nation of E-Shopkeepers

The app55 API lets online and bricks and mortar merchants in the UK take payments from customers on any device, on websites designed and controlled by the retailer. app55 joins 362 payment APIs in our directory. In addition to offering one click, being fully brandable (meaning the customer sees your site only, and is not aware of app55's role), all of the stiff PCI compliance issues that make handling these transactions so complex is outsourced through them.

Handshake API Integrates Sales Order Platform with Third Party Apps and Services

Handshake, sales order processing platform, offers the Handshake API that allows developers to integrate Handshake with third party applications and services. Handshake allows users to write, accept, and sync orders across any device or server running the Handshake platform. Additionally, Handshake supports barcode scanning for more streamlined order processing.

Paddle API: A Quick Check-Out Makes Happy Shoppers

Online shopping has won many a consumer over with the quick, easy and convenient benefits it provides. But even with all its pros, the check-out process can still be a bit laborious and time consuming. As with all things digital, we have become spoiled for choice and anything other than lightening fast can make users a little grumpy. This is the issue that Paddle has set out to address. It's an app for iPhone, Android and tablets that allows users to make payments with a quick click or tap. The Paddle API also makes it quick and easy for its functionality to be integrated with other existing e-commerce systems.

Celery API Enables Pre-ordering and Flexible Payment Options

Celery, flexible ecommerce solution provider, allows users to accept pre-orders without charging the customer until the product is ready to ship. On the flip side, customers also have the capability to pre-pay for goods and services. In addition to flexible payment options, Celery allows developers to integrate its functionality with third party apps and workflows via the Celery API.

Purchase, Deposit, and Bank from a Smartphone with Paidpiper

Paidpiper, mobile payments processing provider, offers its unique mobile payments platform via the Paidpiper API. Instead of relying on network security to ensure reliability and compliance, Paidpiper's unique approach secures the smartphone making the transaction to prevent malfeasance and fraud. By securing the smartphone itself, no need for additional POS hardware becomes necessary.

Even Simpler Online Payments With Ripple's API

Moving money online is commonplace these days, and the simpler and faster the process can be, the more appealing it is. Ripple provides another option in the world of online payment solutions. It's an open source, almost free to use payment network that provides a simple and hassle-free way for anyone in the world to send money to anyone else. The Ripple API allows developers to use this functionality and integrate the payment system into other projects.

Prefer To Pay Cash? Digital Money For Online Transactions With Rixty's API

For those who frequent the world of cyber shopping and get a kick out of making swift purchases with the click of a button, the convenience of a credit card transaction brings much satisfaction. For those who prefer to pay cash, however, don't have access to a credit card or are perhaps a little apprehensive about sharing sensitive account details online; there's Rixty. It's an alternative payment solution that allows users to spend cash and coins instead of using a credit card. The Rixty API makes it possible for developers to use this system on their own websites.